Middle – floor element (inserted ceiling panel)

1. Chipboard OSB-3 22mm. See the photo Or fibreboard 22mm, more moisture-proof. See the photo
2. Load-bearing wooden frame 45×195/220/245mm, spruce, calibrated, strength-sorted C16/C24, c/c (step) 600mm, moisture content 15%±-3% (under washrooms c/c 400mm and beams lower than 40mm) according to statics calculation.
3. Wool insulation 100mm or 200mm (apartment houses) as required by customer (“Isover”/“Paroc” /“Rockwool”)
4. Insulation support net (for transportation)

Installation after the element is assembled on site:
5. Ceiling batten 28×70mm in private houses / 45×45 mm in apartment houses.
6. Inner decoration as required:

  • Gyproc/Knauf  12.5mm, (if required additional layer of (+Gyproc/Knauf 12.5mm, fire barrier to achieve EI 30)
  • Inner boarding spruce 12x120mm is assembled on site. See photo1photo2

On the floors of apartment houses/apartments we recommend in addition:
Acoustic wool mat 30-50 mm ISOVER/PAROC (to baffle the noise of stepping) and chipboard OSB-3 15mm or fibreboard 16mm, more moisture-proof (cheaper)