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We produce flats, townhouses and low-energy houses and other buildings elements

7ELEMENT OÜ produces wooden framed elements and/or panels for almost any type of houses. We are flexible and always focus on customer’s requirements. In addition to standard designs we provide various specially designed constructions. The production of elements takes place in interior conditions by means of technology, which ensures high quality and energy-saving construction. All applied materials are in compliance with the quality control standards established to building requirements today.

We use wooden framework to produce:

  • Apartment houses
  • Row/attached/terraced houses
  • Communal buildings
  • Private houses, summerhouses, saunas
  • Agricultural buildings

Our advantages:

  • Production based on customer’s project
  • Controlled factory quality
  • Fast construction in any season
  • Competitive price
  • Flexible and customer-based service
  • Nature-friendly production
  • Customer’s payments guaranteed by bank warranty

What are the advantages of a factory-built prefabricated house compared to a stone house?

  • Better heat retention, which is much more difficult to achieve in a stone house.
  • Better sound insulation.
  • A solid budget. When signing the contract, you know exactly how much your house will cost. The construction period of a stone house is longer, and usually the price of the next stage is set for the works, which are carried out in 6 months, because the prices of materials and wages may increase. When building from elements in a factory, deadlines are shorter and lower material prices are guaranteed by longer-term contracts, and employment contracts with employees are more stable.
  • Higher quality –  In the factory, the house is built in ready-made indoor spaces where there is no humidity and the temperature is at least 5-15 degrees, and the house is erected on the site as moisture-proof in 1-5 days. Moisture is released from the stone house over a longer period of time. In the factory, the equipment cuts the material of the elements with an accuracy of 1 mm and it is installed under ideal conditions. The work is accurate, fast and performed by people who have been doing it for years. Before the elements are packed in the factory, control measurements are made to avoid problems during installation on site.
  • Speed – You Win 5-12 Months! If the elements of the house are built in the factory at the same time as the work on the foundation is completed, the construction of the stone house only begins after the foundation is completed. The construction of a stone house usually lasts 6-18 months, depending on the construction company. We offer a factory-built house with a deadline of 2-3 months.