Walls between apartments in row/attached houses EI 30

(Double wall with air gap ~30mm)

1. 2x Gypsum board Gyproc/Knauf 12.5mm
2. Load-bearing wooden frame 45×95;45x120mm or 45x145mm, spruce, calibrated, strength-sorted C16/C24, c/c (step) 600mm, moisture content 15%±-3%, according to statics calculations.
3. Wool insulation 100mm; 125 or 150mm (“Isover”/“Paroc” /“Rockwool”)
4. Additional reinforcement to stiffen the wall as required:

  • Chipboard OSB- 3, 10mm (additional wall stiffening). See the photo
  • Fibreboard 12 mm, more moisture-proof (additional wall stiffening). See the photo