Counter-floor element

1. Chipboard OSB-3 22mm. See the photo or fibreboard 22mm. See the photo (tongue and groove, higher moisture resistant , glued and screwed onto the frame)
2. Vapour/steam barrier 2mkr polyethylene folio/film 0.2mm UV- resistant
3. Wooden framework 45×195mm, spruce, calibrated, strength-sorted C16/C24, c/c (step) 600mm, moisture content 15%+-3% (under washrooms c/c 400mm and beams lower than 40mm, according to statics calculation)
4. Wool insulation 200mm (“Isover”/“Paroc” /“Rockwool”)
5. Chipboard OSB-3 10mm. See the photo or fibreboard 10mm. See the photo (groove tap, more moisture-proof, glued and screwed onto the framework)
6. Additional sealing against moisture and water “Tyvek Solid” (manufacturer “DuPont”, breathing membrane overlaps the element by 200-300 mm and reaches on top of the outer surface of windows and doors by 10-20 mm. See the photo
7. Rodent barrier: galvanized wire net 0.65mm, cell size 6x6mm, covers the entire surface of underlay
8. Batten 28×70mm deep impregnated