Balcony element “water-proof”

Element 1 (outside):

1. Balcony boarding 28x120mm, pine deep impregnated or larch, fluted. See the photo
2. Batten 45×45 – 45x145mm, cc600mm, spruce deep impregnated, to balance the slope.

Element 2 (inside or/and outside): 

1. Metal sheet “Pural” cover (stain and scratch-proof)
2. Terrace beams 45×145 – 45x195mm, spruce, strength-sorted, C24, deep-impregnated, cc600mm.

Or for a “warm” balcony 2x45x195mm double beams joined with studded plate connection, spruce, strength-sorted, C24, cc600mm, “ROCKWOOL” insulation 400mm (as thick as the roof thermal insulation), in addition insulation support net for transportation.

Materials are installed after the assembly on site:

3. Steam barrier 2mkr polyethylene film 0.2mm UV-proof (inside)
4. Ceiling batten 28x70mm (inside and outside)
5. Plasterboard 12.5mm or inner boarding (inside)
6. Boarding of balcony ceiling or similar to the eave boarding (outside)

Balcony barriers / banisters:

Painted (or impregnated) borders or stainless steel or laminated tempered glass.