Low-energy house element

(Insulation: 300mm)

1. Inner decoration as required:

  • Gypsum board Gyproc/Knauf 12.5mm
  • Inner boarding spruce 12x120mm is assembled on site. See Vaata photo1photo2

2. Additional reinforcement of wall stiffening and strengthening of inner surface as required:

  • Fibreboard 12mm, higher moisture resistant
  • Chipboard OSB-3 10mm

3. Batten 45×45mm, c/c (step) 600mm, vertical/horizontal
4. Electric installation if required by customer (PVC hoses, boxes)
5. Wool insulation 50mm (“Isover”/“Paroc” /“Rockwool”)
6. Vapour/steam barrier 2mkr polyethylene film 0.2mm UV-resistant
7. Load-bearing wooden frame 45×245mm, spruce, calibrated, strength-sorted C16/C24, c/c (step) 600mm, moisture content 15%±3%
8. Wool insulation 100+100+50mm (“Isover”/ “Paroc”/“Rockwool”)
9. Wind barrier board either required by the customer (joints sealed with silicon):

  • Wind barrier gypsum board 9mm, moisture resistant (standard)
  • Chipboard OSB- 3, 10mm (additional wall stiffening). See the photo
  • Wind barrier board “Isotex” 12 mm. See the photo
  • Fibreboard 12 mm, higher moisture resistant (additional wall stiffening). See the photo

10. Additional sealing against moisture and water “Tyvek Solid” (manufacturer “DuPont”, breathing membrane overlaps the element by 200-300 mm and reaches on top of the outer surface of windows and doors by 10-20 mm. See the photo
11. Battens 21×45mm; 28x70mm or 45x45mm (according to the type of building)
12. Additional ventilation lath 21x45mm (only if boarding is installed vertically)
13. Facade cover boarding and/ or Cladding as required by customer, the popular types used:

  • Profile UYVk 21x145mm, Spruce/Latch, fine-sawn/planed surface, vertical/horizontal. See the photo
  • Profile SHk 21x145mm+ SHk 21x145mm, (2 layers overlapping 20-30mm) Spruce/Latch, fine-sawn/planed surface vertical. See the photo
  • Unedged boarding “Wilmark”, Spruce, 25×200-400mm, overlap 20-50mm, vertical/horizontal. See the photo

14. Rodent barrier: galvanized wire net 0.65mm, cell size 6x6mm, covers vertical gaps between laths behind the boarding in the lower part of the wall.